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M&A Clause Analytics

Get More Done With Tailored Workflow Solutions

Streamline and optimize the M&A drafting process with advanced document/clause analytics and expert guidance.


Transform your M&A drafting workflow

M&A Clause Analytics, a comprehensive database of acquisition and ancillary agreements, provides vital insights and guidance for drafting, benchmarking, and negotiating better clauses and more complete agreements.

Instant Insights

Easy-to-understand graphics show conformity of agreements and clauses to Models providing insight and guidance into accepted standards to apply to your own documents. Powerful search and browse tools guide you to on point language from a database of over one million individual clauses.

Integrated Practical Guidance

Expertly prepared practical guidance, such as elements of the clause, drafting considerations, and intent of the clause, are shown alongside individual clauses, enhancing your understanding at the point of need.

Comparison and Benchmarking

Multiple comparison tools allow you to efficiently benchmark your own documents, as well as all documents in the database, to the Models. In addition, all clauses can be compared to the models and to one another, extending your understanding of drafting techniques used by specific counsel or industries.

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